Unreleased yet (in development)

Release 3.1.1 (released Jan 12, 2021)

Commits since previous release 3.1.0


  • 3563a0f: improved Tube::invert methods (without tree)

Bugs fixed

  • 782e4cc: Lohner contractor with multi-dimensional functions

Release 3.1.0 (released Dec 17, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.13

Features added

  • 465d1e0: added example of Linobs (for each \(\delta\) parameter)

  • 1493fb8: area computation of polygons

  • 37306bc: new CtcLohner contractor with example


  • 1041e3f: changed interface of CtcPicard contractor


  • c18cdad: added CAPD - IBEX conversion functions

  • Eigen is now a dependency of Tubex

Release 3.0.13 (released Dec 5, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.12

Features added

  • f56c076: added truncate_tdomain() method for Tube and TubeVector classes


  • 546de1e: strong optimization for CN building (using hashcodes for graph exploration)

  • 2f53195: improving Exception messages with contractors (on consistent dimensions)

  • 5b42f85: updated version of ODE integration using CAPD

Bugs fixed

  • d0b05ab: corrected bug in Trajectory operations


  • e039c42: the function Fnc::nb_vars() is deprecated, use Fnc::nb_var() instead

Release 3.0.12 (released Nov 26, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.11

Features added

  • 3ab0551: CtcDelay now available in Python


  • 8534504: throwing explicit exceptions if contractors signatures not compliant in ContractorNetwork::add

  • 9bb0773: removing the constructor Tube(Tube, Interval) (may lead to cast errors)

  • b1548db: faster implementation of CtcDist

Release 3.0.11 (released Nov 15, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.10


  • 87bd65c: throwing exceptions instead of assert error messages (mainly for graphics/serializ/CN)


Release 3.0.10 (released Oct 31, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.9

Features added

  • 1273605: new method for merging adjacent slices that are similar

  • 72ec9b2: possibility to create TrajectoryVector or TubeVector from lists in Python


  • fc71125: improved efficiency of CtcDelay

  • e806fc2: added error when const domain has changed between two add()


Release 3.0.9 (released Jun 28, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.8

Bugs fixed

  • 26bce8a: Trajectory::make_continuous(), error encountered in datasso

  • 33f3b0d: corrected bug in RandTrajectory


  • added this changelog page

Releases 3.0.6 – 3.0.8 (released Jun 23, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.5

Features added

  • added new contractor CtcLinobs

  • 5d7be8a: predefined value oo for infinity in C++ (already exists in Python)

  • 92dae58: added Figure::view_box() Python binding

  • 2c882a2: drawing polygons

  • Compatibilities with Windows OS (improving compatibilities with macOS)


  • 075104a: Python binding, TubeVector, removing default value n in constructor

Bugs fixed

  • be1c4b5: RandTrajectory, values were outside bounds

  • 6f78d94: added Linobs example

  • e19f459: CtcDeriv, restoring performances of V2 (polygons)


  • Lessons E and F

  • Install page: Windows/Python

  • VIBesFigTube

  • updated docstring from XML script

  • how to concatenate two boxes

Release 3.0.5 (released Jun 14, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.4


  • 962c219: renaming from input2index() to time_to_index()

  • revising whole Python binding

  • e0a6c64: CtcEval, removing contract() methods with const args

Bugs fixed

  • 79fd1f4: VIBesFig::draw_pie: corrected bug in case of == 0

  • 6febe83: fixing datasso example in Python

  • 193bc95 fixing Tools::rand_in_bounds()


  • Lesson C

  • inverting py and cpp tabs in the manual

  • added docstring from XML script

Release 3.0.4 (released Jun 10, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.3

Features added

  • 40a8ea6: Python binding, abs() for any type


  • updated Lessons A and B

  • table in Install pages with configurations

Release 3.0.3 (released Jun 7, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.2


  • 10110d5: optimizing add of CtcDeriv in CN

Bugs fixed

  • 5934513: VIBesFigMap, do not crash in case of empty observations

Release 3.0.2 (released Jun 6, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.1


  • b1dcd55: updated arithmetic for Python binding

  • 1b7e4f9: using BoolInterval in Python scripts


  • updated Lessons A and B

  • Install page: Windows/Python

  • 5e3555d: spell checking

Release 3.0.1 (released Jun 5, 2020)

Commits since previous release 3.0.0

Features added

  • 16408f9: shortcut oo available in tubex module

  • 67b1709: Tubex available online with Python


  • fedbdb0: pyibex 1.8.1 at least

  • e6adc26: using version 2.5.0 of pybind11

Bugs fixed

  • c8063dd: VIBesFig, display a point if box.max_diam() == 0


  • updated Lessons A and B

  • CtcDist, CtcFunction doc

Previous versions

The changelog for versions before 3.0.1 can be found on GitHub history.