This page is an overview of the robots I worked on.

AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

AUV Vici

Name: Vici (commercial name: Jack)
Owner: ENSTA Bretagne's laboratory (OSM team)
Building: CISCREA (ROV part), ENSTA Bretagne (AUV part)
Dates: summer 2013 - now

Length: 650mm | Width: 435mm | Weight: 30kg

Diving: dynamic (2 thrusters)
Max depth: 50m
Propulsion type: 4 horizontal thrusters - 4 degrees of freedom
Payload: 2 cameras, sonar, echosounder, modem, IMU, depth sensor

ROV: Remotely Operated Vehicles

HMAS Collins

Name: HMAS Collins
Owner: Simon Rohou
Building: Simon Rohou (July 2008 - 2015)

Length: 1,70m | Width: 160mm | Weight: 38kg

Diving: dynamic and static
Ballast water discharge: compressed air
Electrical supply: 2x12V et 2x6V (lead-acid battery)
Air supply: on-board air compressor
Balancing and weighing: 2 independent proportional pistons

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