Tubex library


Tubex is a C++ library providing tools to guarantee computations over sets of trajectories.

In the field of constraint programming, problems are defined thanks to a constraint network involving variables submitted to rules and known to belong to given domains. When dealing with dynamical systems, differential constraints have to be considered. This library is a proposal to solve such problem. A tube is a domain for a trajectory variable (e.g. a signal evolving with time) for which several numerical, algebraic, non-linear, differential constraints will apply.

Functions called contractors are available to reduce these sets of trajectories given several constraints.

Computations stands on interval analysis and are, therefore, performed in a guaranteed way. Tubex is compatible with the IBEX library, itself relying on reliable numerical libraries such as Filib.



This software is under GNU Lesser General Public License.


For recent improvements and activities, see the Github Tubex repository.

A Python version (pyIbex wrapping) is planned.